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Many companies run servers at their own premises – with high electricity costs due to the energy consumption of air conditioning. There are also risks posed by natural disasters or power outages, because of the lack of emergency backup generators and of course the security risks of archiving data on site.

To counter the problems of running your servers at your own site, curaIT offers two data center options, within a German data center:

  • Server Housing: We house your own servers in a high-performance, TÜV-certified*, data center (TIER IV) in Ludwigshafen am Rhein. To minimize the risks posed by lightning strike, theft, fire, power failure or flooding, this data center is of course fully protected against all natural disasters and other external influences. It also has a secure access control and can even be supplied with emergency power for several days.
  • Virtual server: Rent a virtual server in our data center and store your data there. We take care of the maintenance of this virtual system.

* TÜV certified data center - High availability stage 3

If you have any questions about our data center services, please feel free to give us a call to +49 621 490963-0 or write an email to

curaIT GmbH is a nationwide German IT services provider from Mannheim and Frankfurt. We provide integrated IT system solutions mainly in the Rhine-Neckar and Rhine-Main area.

Our offer for you

  • Server housing / colocation
  • 1-2 rack units in our TIER IV datacenter Ludwigshafen am Rhein
  • 1 TB Traffic included
  • Every addition GB 0,06 EUR*
  • Minimum contract duration: 3 months
  • Initial onetime setup fee: 59,- EUR* (does not apply to contracts with a duration of at least twelve months)
  • Monthly fee: 49, - EUR*

* excl. VAT., only for commercial customers

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